What insights has your study of Australian Literature and Art given you into the importance of creativity as part of human experience?

Studying Australian literature has helped me to realise that creativity is of huge importance to human experience.

The two forms of creativity we have studied are Literature and Art. They are both ways that people can express themselves when words will not do their experience or emotion justice. We use creativity to express our deepest feelings and experiences. Australian Literature, in particular, has helped me and many of my classmates to understand what this country was like many years ago. The freedom we see today was not the freedom this country once knew. The emotion and destruction that went on when Australia was invaded is shown through the Art we have seen and the literature we have read. How else would an artist express these raw emotions and thoughts without Art? or without Literature?

Creativity saves human experience from being bland. We need creativity to activate our minds, and sometimes we need it to help us understand ourselves, other people and different experiences.

Creativity is the reason people are able to tell stories and share knowledge. 

An example of this was shown in our trip to the NSW art gallery. Through each piece of art, we could see each artists individual experience of Australia.  If not for these artists creativity we may have never known their true thoughts, emotions or experiences.

Being creative forces us to open our minds. It means we have to focus on exploring ourselves, to find exactly what it is that we are trying to convey. We also have to figure out HOW we can express these emotions or experiences. Whether we express them in an opaque or clear way and whether we express them through art or through literature. Being creative means thinking “what is the the best way I can express and convey my message?”. Asking ourselves these questions makes us look at ourselves and makes us look at others. It helps us to realise what is important to us and why it is important to us.

Australian Literature, a form of creativity, has helped me to open my mind. It has taught me to be inviting to other peoples understanding of life. It has taught me a lot about the history of this country that I previously never understood. Just through studying Australian literature, I have learnt how important creativity is to me, to people and to our human experience.



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